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Songs by Derek

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Taking It Back
Taking It Back Complete Album  Lyrics

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So Near To Me (For You)   Watch Video

Hanging on the line with you

Hold On (to what you need)

Taking it back

No good for me anymore

Lovin arms tonight

Workin the line

Me here alone


Until Then 2

Ruby Album - Derek Pantling
Ruby Complete Album   Lyrics

Individual audio songs
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Until Then   Watch Video




I'll share my life   Watch Video

I get along well

I Think of you

Northern lights

Don't walk back

Before you leave today

Why can't I love you

Wash gently over me   Watch Video


Songs by derek play list collection

Songs by Derek Audio Playlist Collection

If You Were A River   Watch Video


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Derek Pantling

Photographer / Composer / Singer / Song Writer

Derek composes original music: Meditative & Yoga Music, Piano Compositions, Produces music, Orchestral, Electronic, Children's Songs, including writing Lyrics & Poetry.

Derek also has a broad range of photography styles and has complied an eclectic collection in his photo galleries.